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May 6, 2009
Section: Business

Business hitting the trail in Roanoke

Most folks like to get away sometimes.

For Cristina Brogdon and her friend Charlie Harner, every day is one of
those days.

Brogdon and Harner own Agave Hurricane Trail Riding Company in
Roanoke. They started the business in January, and now they spend
their days taking visitors on a variety of rides and excursions (on a
reservation basis) that get them away from the hectic pace of "the real
"The best thing is that you can just go out and forget about everything,
just go and not have to worry about society," Brogdon said. Typically,
rides range from an hour to two hours. Excursions are usually longer, and
can be anywhere from a couple of hours to six or seven.
"For an excursion you need to be comfortable in the saddle for at least
two hours," said Harner. "If you haven’t ridden much, you’ll be sore. If it’s
your first time riding, we suggest an hour ride."

Like most people who follow their dream, Brogdon said the days can
often be long. Since only three of their six horses are kept on site, they
must go to Justin for another and to a nearby stable for two more. Once
they round up all the horses from their various pastures, they meet their
customers at the trailhead.

But once the rides are over, the day is far from done. It’s grooming and
feeding before calling it a day.

"It’s a lot of work, but it’s certainly worth it," Brogdon said. Brogdon said
the most popular ride Agave offers is around Grapevine Lake, particularly
the north side. Other rides and excursions include Lake Ray Roberts
(about an hour and a half), 380 Greenbelt (about three hours), and the
LBJ Grasslands, which has five different trails ranging from 10 miles to 25
Her personal favorite is the Stockyards excursion, which takes about two

"It’s different. You can ride down there, put your horse up while you walk
around," Brogdon said.

Brogdon said she enjoys getting to know each of the riders. Currently,
they are able to take up to four people at a time on about four rides per
"I like to personalize the ride," Brogdon said. "In groups of four you get to
know them. You can talk to them and really share the experience with

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From left is Charlie Harner on Eowyn, Kendra Hess on Veto, Morgan Hess on Ruby, and
Kenny Hess on Princess.
Original six and Fajita, Charlie Harner and Cristina Brogdon