It all started back in the summer of 08 with a trip up to Lantana Lodge. People talked
about how much fun it would be to have rides up to the Lodge, and be able to offer
meals and lodging with the regular trail riding packages. Shortly after this, with
Cristina needing a change of jobs, Agave Hurricane Trail Company was born. The
name was created off several different things. The agave part of the name stems
from close friends wanting to call their ranch Blue Agave. The agave was snagged so
that, with the a, the company would have a better shot at being at the top of lists for
place to ride. Hurricane comes from Cristina's hot headed horse's name, which is
Hurricane Paloma.

We like our horses to have the chance to be horses, so they are turned out together
24/7 when they are not on the clock on 15 acres so they have ample time to play and
work out any issues they may have with one another. Being turned out in a "herd"
also helps to make their herd dynamics stronger and helps them to work better as a
team. We also regularly participate in playdays and trail competitions to give our
horses some variety in their activities. We feel it gives them a break from the trail and
helps to keep them on their toes.  
About Us
Veto navigating a trail course bridge.
Paloma doing the drive thru at Freddy's
Steakburgers and Frozen Custard in Keller.
Horse-ing around in the snow
Going for a dip in the lake
Napping in the Round Bale